Why use Whet Personal Lubricant™

Whet Personal Lubricant has been specifically developed to take the friction out of sexual activity. Lubricants developed as medical lubricants are perfect for that application, but when it comes to sexual intimacy, there’s a lot more motion and friction involved. Using a product like Whet Personal Lubricant, specifically designed to stay moist, slick and non-sticky, is ideal.

Whet Personal Lubricant is a water-based, non-staining lubricant that can be safely used with condoms and toys including silicone. It is available in unscented Extra-Virgin or two seductive variants, Vanillicious (Vanilla) and VerySlipberry (Cranberry). Over the past seven years it has grown a devoted following, due to its slick texture, which remains moist and non-sticky for longer than many other brands.

Water based lubricants are most often recommended by doctors and gynaecologists because they are the most similar to your body’s natural fluids. A lack of proper lubrication can result in painful intercourse and many bacterial infections are a result of too little, or the wrong type, of lubrication coupled with penetration.

Whet Personal Lubricant is not a spermicide and does not contain spermicides like Nonoxynol-9, but it is always best to check with your doctor before using any lubricant, if you are trying to conceive.

Because Whet Personal Lubricant has been developed by women, for women, and their partners we are particularly concerned about the pH level of our product and how it affects your vagina. A healthy vagina usually has a pH of between 3.8 and 4.4 (slightly acidic) and is colonized by bacteria (lactobacilli) which help to defend it against infection. Whet Personal Lubricant is pH balanced to maintain the optimal pH levels and promote a natural acidity and balance.

Whet Personal Lubricant assists with vaginal dryness due to hormonal cycles, menopause, alcohol or certain medications. It can also be used to make the insertion of tampons and menstrual cups easier.

The discreet and tasteful 50ml flip-top tube is specifically designed so that consumers can slip it into their shopping basket alongside the milk and bread without the embarrassment of sideways glances from curious shoppers in the next aisle. The option of purchasing on-line supports this discretion, with parcels delivered from WSE Logistics in neutral packaging and with no information revealing the contents.

Whet Personal Lubricant is a Seductively South African product that supports the South African economy. It is manufactured in a facility that has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, so you can be assured that high-grade and pharmaceutical materials are used in a controlled environment.

Whet Personal Lubricant is affordably priced so that is accessible to more people and not just an elite few. It is our aim to educate and empower women and their partners about the importance of adequate (and appropriate) lubrication, and the pleasure that it can add to your play.


“I highly recommend this proudly South African product, love the smell, feel and texture. Its fantastic.”

“I just tried your lube for the first time- it’s a GREAT product!!! It doesn’t cause burning like some of the others do. I tried a so called natural one with algae extract the other day and it wasn’t very nice at all- it also felt burny… I really like the way they smell too- both the vanilla and the cranberry.”

“I had a hysterectomy done 2 years ago and although my gynae prescribed estrogen cream I still found that I had dryness when making love. Using Whet lube has really helped a lot and it feels very natural.”