Our Story

Marina Green is a Cape Town based writer and health journalist, who specialises in the areas of relationships and sexuality. Seven years ago, she identified a need in the market for a locally produced, well-made water-based personal lubricant. This is her story:

“We started working on a formulation for Whet Personal Lubricant in 2004 because we were frustrated with the lubricants that were currently on the South African market.The options generally available were either clinical and un-sexy or imported and frightfully expensive. This contributed to people resorting to unsafe lubricants such as oils, aqueous cream, and even hand lotion!”

We wanted to create something that was affordable, water based, non-medicinal, FUN to use (no little lids to loose under the covers) and which was palatable if you “happened” to ingest it. While we wanted the product to be super-women friendly (pH compatible with vaginal health) we also wanted it to be something that both men and women would find appealing.

We knew that it would have to be packaged in a discreet, tasteful way so that consumers could slip it into their shopping basket alongside the milk and bread without the embarrassment of sideways glances from curious shoppers in the next aisle.

What followed was several months of experimentation with different formulations… some were too thick and some too runny, some just didn’t have the slickness that repetitive motion requires, some dried out too quickly and some got sticky and gloopy. Several accommodating friends and family members tried out our formulations until we finally came up with something that they raved about … and then we started on the process of packaging it in a way that would really be user friendly! The result was three delicious variants – one catering for those who still prefer their lube “virginally” untainted by flavour or colour and two other exciting flavours that almost everyone responded to with an exuberant ‘we want more’!

Today all three variants of Whet Personal Lubricant™ look stunning in a 50ml flip-top tube, that is easy to open with one hand and that snaps shut just as easily. They are loved and trusted by men and women, who are loyal to the brand because of its discreet packaging and silky texture that remains moist, slick and non-sticky during the most intimate moments.


“I highly recommend this proudly South African product, love the smell, feel and texture. Its fantastic.”

“I just tried your lube for the first time- it’s a GREAT product!!! It doesn’t cause burning like some of the others do. I tried a so called natural one with algae extract the other day and it wasn’t very nice at all- it also felt burny… I really like the way they smell too- both the vanilla and the cranberry.”

“I had a hysterectomy done 2 years ago and although my gynae prescribed estrogen cream I still found that I had dryness when making love. Using Whet lube has really helped a lot and it feels very natural.”