What makes Whet Lubricant different to other products?

Whet Lubricant is a seductively South African product, which means that it is made locally, (you save on carbon miles) and promote our economy. Whet Lubricant offers you a high quality lubricant at an affordable price and a range of variants that cater for those who prefer “plain” lubes to those who prefer a fruity or vanilla variant. The packaging is discreet and designed to appeal to both men and women.

Is Whet Lubricant only for women?
Whet  Lubricant has a vagina friendly pH (a healthy vagina has a slightly acidic pH of between 3.8 – 4.5 pH) making it ideal for women’s bodies, but its perfect for both men and women, regardless of their sexual orientation, and it is also great for solo play. Both men and women love its slick, non-sticky texture.

Can Whet Lubricant only be used as a vaginal lubricant for penetration?

No not at all. It is perfect for for creating a slippery, non-abrasive sensation wherever you choose to use it. It is an ideal product to enhance masturbation and for stimulating the external sexual organs including during foreplay.

What is Whet Lubricant made from?

Whet Lubricant is made from safe, non-toxic ingredients that have been used in international manufactured and medical lubricants for many years. There are not that many ingredients in Whet Lubricant, because we have deliberately kept the formulation as simple as possible in the firm belief that “less is often more”. We use pharmaceutical or high- grade products some of which we import specifically for this purpose and the product is manufactured in an accredited facility where the process is governed by current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, under the auspices of an industrial pharmacist, as well as other qualified staff, who attend to a full complement of process controls and procedures.

Does Whet Lubricant contain any spermicide?
No it does not. Whet Lubricant is not a contraceptive and does not protect against pregnancy. It does not contain Nonoxynol-9, however if you are trying to concieve it is always best to check with your doctor or gynaecologist before using any lubricant.
Does Whet Lubricant contain any preservatives?
Like most lubricants Whet Lubricant contains a preservative. We have recently fazed out the use of paraben based preservatives. We have used the smallest amount possible to ensure a realistic “life-span” for our product and protect it from mould and degeneration.
Is Whet Lubricant safe?
Yes, Whet Lubricant is safe but like with most things in life we need to take personal responsibility for checking. The list of ingredients is on the label so please read it and check that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. (It’s unlikely but worth checking). If you do experience irritation when using Whet Lubricant  stop using it immediately.
Can it be used with condoms and silicone products?
Yes, Whet Lubricant is perfectly safe to use with condoms and we encourage you to do so. Whet Lubricant can improve sensation when using condoms and helps to prevent condoms from breaking. As such water based lubricants are helpful in encouraging safer sexual practises.
Will my partner be offended if I suggest using a lubricant? Does it mean I am not turned on?
You can reassure your partner that using a lubricant is absolutely no reflection on how “turned on” you are. As our arousal increases, we may even dry up, so you shouldn’t believe anyone who tells you, “if you are really turned on you don’t need a lubricant.”
My partner has plenty of her own natural lubrication, why would we want to use a lubricant?
Using lubricant is fun and has “come out of the closet” in terms of no longer being viewed as a product designed to address a problem, or for medical use. The same way that you add spice to a recipe or use a lubricant for your car, Whet Lubricant simply enhances your love-making.
Does Whet Lubricant contain polyquaternium compounds, specifically polyquaternium 15?
No Whet Lubricant has never contained polyquaternium. Polyquaternium, specifically polyquaternium 15, has been shown to increase HIV replication in the cell line. Researchers at Duke University and the Population Council, a non-profit organization that focuses on reproductive health, investigated the anti-HIV activity of 41 personal lubricants in a human cell line commonly used to measure HIV replication rates. The results of the study showed that none of the lubricants tested had anti-HIV activity. However, four of the lubricants examined increased HIV replication in the cell line and three of these contained. polyquaternium-15.


“I highly recommend this proudly South African product, love the smell, feel and texture. Its fantastic.”

“I just tried your lube for the first time- it’s a GREAT product!!! It doesn’t cause burning like some of the others do. I tried a so called natural one with algae extract the other day and it wasn’t very nice at all- it also felt burny… I really like the way they smell too- both the vanilla and the cranberry.”

“I had a hysterectomy done 2 years ago and although my gynae prescribed estrogen cream I still found that I had dryness when making love. Using Whet lube has really helped a lot and it feels very natural.”