Why use a personal lubricant

These days lubricant has come “out of the closet” and more of us realise it’s potential as the ultimate sexual accessory. Adding some to our sensual play enhances almost every situation.

Our bodies own love lotion is controlled by hormones and circumstances, so we all experience times of dehydration (alcohol, breastfeeding and hormonal cycles are contributing factors).

Even when we are turned on, our bodies don’t always comply by producing sufficient amounts of natural lubrication and some body parts such as our anus, are not “self-lubricating” devices, needing a bit of “extra help”.

As our arousal increases, we may even dry up, so you shouldn’t believe anyone who tells you, “if you are really turned on you don’t need a lubricant.”

In the same way engine lubricant keeps your car’s motor running longer and smoother, lubricant can help men last longer and both men and women have increased pleasurable sensations.

Lube helps condoms to feel more satisfying and stay moist, decreasing the risk of tearing. Using a condom in conjunction with adequate water-based lubrication can significantly reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS.

A lack of proper lubrication can result in painful intercourse and many bacterial infections are a result of too little lubrication coupled with penetration.

The deliberate drying out of the vagina through the use of various toxic substances is sadly prevalent in Africa and one of the major contributing factors to HIV/AIDS.

Lubricants developed as medical lubricants are perfect for that application, but when it comes to sexual intimacy, there’s a lot more motion and friction involved. Using a product like Whet™, specifically designed to stay moist, slick and non-sticky, is ideal.


“I highly recommend this proudly South African product, love the smell, feel and texture. Its fantastic.”

“I just tried your lube for the first time- it’s a GREAT product!!! It doesn’t cause burning like some of the others do. I tried a so called natural one with algae extract the other day and it wasn’t very nice at all- it also felt burny… I really like the way they smell too- both the vanilla and the cranberry.”

“I had a hysterectomy done 2 years ago and although my gynae prescribed estrogen cream I still found that I had dryness when making love. Using Whet lube has really helped a lot and it feels very natural.”